Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I told you, "I'll be back." When something is forced upon me, my first reaction -- for better or worse -- is to push it away. As interesting and notable as the California recall election is, I'm choosing not to follow it closely. I figure I can keep up with all the latest developments passively -- by simply overhearing what's going on.

I visited Los Angeles a short time ago and asked the natives their thoughts on the recall. Interestingly enough, few people seemed to care about it. They were more interested in talking about Kobe Bryant -- another news item from which I'm hiding (is it so wrong to wait and see the results of the court case before forming an opinion?). I did talk to one woman who was happy Gray Davis was being recalled. She felt the governor is much too conservative.

A few questions later, she informed me that she's a communist. She didn't seem to grasp that communism hasn't worked so well anywhere else and that the recall would most likely install a politician who is more conservative than Davis.

So it looks like it's too soon to see where the recall will take the Golden State. For the sake of the citizenry, hopefully a couple frontrunners will emerge so voters can concentrate on them instead of electing the next governor with 15 percent of the vote.

But here's an idea. If the Democrats want to beat Schwarzenegger, they should draft a candidate, a political nobody who represents the everyday man, so long as his name is John Connor ...

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