Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Act of God: Since I made a big deal of this, I feel compelled to share this interesting article from WorldTribune.com that states that Al Qaeda takes credit for the massive blackout. As a gift to the people of Iraq, operatives secretly cut the power in the entire northeastern United States. Of course they wouldn't say how they did this, because they plan to do it again.

In the message, Al Qaeda cites the chaos that followed, "where looting and pillaging rampaged the cities ...". Of course, we all know that none of that happened (Jon Stewart of The Daily Show on Comedy Central even made fun of newscasters who were surprised that the Northeast didn't revert to anarchy).

So it looks like Al Qaeda is so desperate that they will take credit for fluke accidents. This is quite a change. Even when they were celebrating 9/11, they chose not to take direct credit, instead saying it was the "Will of Allah." Now I wouldn't be surprised if they claimed to have spawned the latest e-mail worm.

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