Tuesday, February 14, 2006

V-Day: Happy Valentine's Day. In honor of this glorious holiday, I bring you -- fluff!

The Pew Research Center conducted a poll to find out who among us is truly happy, or at least claims to be happy. For the most part, most Americans say that they are content with their lives.

People who make more money report to be happier than poorer folks. So I guess money doesn't necessarily buy happiness. It comes free with the cash.

People in southern and rural areas are cheerier than those in northern and urban areas. That may be from the laid-back lifestyle. Or it may be because of the Republican domination of the federal government.

Married people are in higher spirits than single people by 2-to-1. That may surprise anyone who has ever hung out with married people. But this correlates with other studies that say married people tend to have more sex than single people. The other studies didn't say whether the married couples were having sex with each other, but I guess there is something to marital bliss after all.

That segues to another story about Valentine's Day cheaters. Apparently the unfaithful can carry out their extracurricular love lives covertly until V-Day; that's when both the spouse and the lover want attention. And private investigators are as busy as florists. So watch your six.


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